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Stepping into the future of sustainable living and green energy

Welcome to Clean Electric, where a passion for innovation meets a commitment to a sustainable future.

At Clean Electric, we're on a mission to redefine energy solutions. Dive into our story, meet the minds behind our cutting-edge technology, and discover how we're sparking change in the clean energy landscape. Join us in shaping a brighter, greener tomorrow.

Rapid fast 0-100% charging within 12 mins. Long life with 3 Year Warranty. Can get charged easily with Bharat DC001 / CCS EV charging stations.


MACH 020

  • Energy capacity: 2.1 kWh

  • Voltage: 48 V

  • Operating Voltage: 45 V to 53.2 V

MACH 123

  • Energy capacity: 12.3 kWh

  • Voltage: 307.2 V

  • Operating Voltage: 268.8 V to 340.8 V

Super safe fireproof technology with long life and fast charging. Cost effective LFP chemistry. Suitable for 3-Wheeler, 4-Wheeler and stationary energy storage application.


FLO 051

  • Energy capacity: 5.1 kWh

  • Voltage: 51.2 V

  • Operating Voltage: 48 V to 58.4 V

FLO 105

  • Energy capacity: 10.5 kWh

  • Voltage: 51.2 V

  • Operating Voltage: 48 V to 58.4 V

FLO 115

  • Energy capacity: 11.5 kWh

  • Voltage: 76.8 V

  • Operating Voltage: 67.2 V to 86.4 V

FLO 320

  • Energy capacity: 31.6 kWh

  • Voltage: 76.8 V

  • Operating Voltage: 72 V to 87.6 V

Packed with energy, low on weight. Compact, portable and swappable batteries of seamless two minute swaps to keep you moving. Powerful 10-80% charging within 50 mins.



  • Energy capacity: 2.5 kWh

  • Voltage: 50 V

  • Operating Voltage: 42 V to 58 V


  • Energy capacity: 2.4 kWh

  • Voltage: 61.2 V

  • Operating Voltage: 42.5 V to 71.4 V

Our Products



Continuous Discharge




Minutes Charging


Our Technologies

Multiple Granted Patents, Every Cell is Fully Immersed in a Non-Flammable Di-Electric Coolant


STM is our Proprietary Technique where we Modulate the Charging Rate and Temperature of the Battery Pack so as to Minimize Lithium...

Smart Temperature Modulation

Driving experience made better, with smart connectivity

Battery Intelligence Platform

Our Clients

We believe every client is a valuable long-term partner.

We believe every client is a valuable long-term partner.

Our Clients

Exploring Cutting-Edge Battery Innovations

Can Li-ion Cells be charged within 12 mins?

The answer is affirmative, albeit with a requirement for meticulo...

Why do Batteries degrade faster than a Single Cell?

Batteries undergo accelerated degradation compared to a sing...

What is 0Kelvin?

“0Kelvin” is the trademark for our cell to pack, chemistry agnostic...

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A Revolution in Battery Technology

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