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Can Li-ion Cells be charged within 12 mins?

The answer is affirmative, albeit with a requirement for meticulous Thermal and Charger Control. Achieving such rapid charging is a formidable challenge primarily due to the phenomenon of Lithium Plating. During high charge rates, a layer of Lithium metal tends to precipitate on the surface of the Carbon Anode. This occurrence significantly hinders the availability of Lithium for subsequent energy storage reactions, consequently leading to a discernible loss in capacity over time.

However, with our innovative 0Kelvin technology, we not only predict but also proactively control the temperature and current during the charging process. This strategic approach effectively mitigates the risks associated with Lithium Plating, ensuring efficient and rapid charging without compromising the long-term capacity and performance of the Li-ion cells.

What is 0Kelvin?

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