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Immersion Cooling

Boasting a portfolio of Multiple Granted Patents, our Immersion Cooling technology submerges every cell completely in a non-flammable dielectric coolant.


Immersion Cooling

With an emphasis on longevity, our Immersion Cooling technology ensures an impressive 3000+ cycles. The weakest cell traditionally constrains the usable capacity of the entire battery pack. However, Immersion Cooling maintains a consistent temperature throughout the battery, eliminating hotspots and facilitating uniform aging across all cells. This results in optimized, prolonged performance.

Superior Lifecycle Performance
(3000+ Cycles)

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At the forefront of safety, 0Kelvin, equipped with advanced thermals, acts as a failsafe against Thermal Runaway events, mitigating the risk of fires, even in scenarios involving accidents or charger failures. Our commitment to safety is not just a feature; it's an integral part of our cutting-edge technology.

Unrivaled Safety Assurance

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