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Battery Intelligence Platform


Battery Intelligence Platform

Elevating Driving Experiences through Intelligent Connectivity

Discover Hive, our revolutionary Battery Intelligence Platform, designed to enhance the driving experience with seamless smart connectivity.


Battery Diagnostics

Hive transforms every battery into a data powerhouse, collecting an impressive 3 lakh data points daily. In-depth analysis provides valuable insights into battery health, enabling predictive maintenance for sustained efficiency.

Real-Time Tracking

With built-in GPS functionality, Hive facilitates real-time tracking of smart batteries for fleet management or swapping services. Stay connected and in control with precise location information.

Theft Protection

Hive excels in asset security with remote immobilization capabilities. Fleet operators can remotely disable a battery suspected of theft, bolstered by live GPS coordinates for swift and effective recovery. Hive is not just a platform; it's a safeguard for your valuable assets.

Asset Monitoring

Navigate through detailed dashboards offering intricate analysis of fleet operational data. Hive empowers operators with comprehensive insights, facilitating informed decision-making and optimizing overall fleet performance.

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