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Smart Temperature Modulation

Introducing Smart Temperature Modulation (STM), our exclusive technique designed to intelligently regulate the charging rate and temperature of the battery pack, minimizing the occurrence of Lithium Plating during high-speed charging.


Smart Temperature Modulation

STM employs a proprietary algorithm that dynamically adjusts the charging rate, ranging from 1C to 6C, based on real-time battery parameters. This strategic modulation enables the battery to achieve a remarkable 0 to 95% charge in just 19 minutes, setting a new standard for rapid charging efficiency.

Swift Charging in 12 Minutes

Recognizing the profound impact of temperature on ionic mobility and carbon intercalation, STM takes advantage of this correlation to facilitate fast charging in high-energy-density batteries.
The result is not just accelerated charging but also precise and uniform temperature control across the battery pack, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. STM is the epitome of our commitment to advancing battery technology through intelligent and efficient solutions.

Homogeneous Temperature Control

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